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Understanding our policies keeps everyone on the same page. Please familiarize yourself with the way we operate.


It is no problem to cancel or reschedule you appointment through your Jane account as long as we have been given 24 hour notice. If sufficient notice is not provided then the opportunity to fill the appointment is lost by the practitioner, which is why we charge a no show fee of $45. You may have someone take your place in our schedule to fill the appointment at full price. You may also request to be added to our waiting list if you would like to be informed of cancelations to fill last minute spots. 

late for an appointment 

Due to the nature of scheduling appointments, if you arrive late then your appointment may be shortened in duration to reflect the time lost. We do include extra time in between clients to share recommendations, feedback or review health history and direct billing and depending on the situation we may be able to adjust the appointment accordingly. We will always do our best to be accommodating to our clients. Please try to communicate with us and don’t stress. An easy way to reach us is to call Phoenix Physical Therapy/That Yoga Place at (780) 960-0868 and reception will let us know your message. 

filling out our intake forms

When you make a Jane account or call/text to book an initial appointment, an email will be sent prompting you to fill out our online intake forms. These forms include, personal information, insurance policy (if not applicable, select “none” in the drop down menu), health history, and our consents. It is an initial requirement to have these forms completed online through your Jane account before treatment begins. We can provide you with a computer before your treatment to fill them out in the clinic if required. 

sexual misconduct

We have zero tolerance with regards to this policy. If this occurs, the session will be ended immediately, treatment paid in full, and client will not be welcome to reschedule. Their profile will be disabled in Jane, the client will be blacklisted. We do not offer services that are not listed. We do not engage in unethical behavior and we are never alone in the building. We have the right to refuse service at any time and take our safety seriously. That being said, bodily reactions and functions may be out of one’s control and not construed as sexual misconduct if managed respectfully. If we noticed this we would place a folded towel over the area. Our clients’ comfort and our own is our top priority. Prior to treatment a mandatory consent will be signed.

You are obligated to sign our consent:

The treatment is not to be construed sexual in any way. We have a strict sexual harassment policy and if our comfort limits are breached the session will be ended immediately, treatment payed in full, and the client would not be welcome to rebook as their profile would be disabled in Jane. We have the right to refuse service at any time and to engage law enforcement if necessary.

direct billing consent 

In order for us to direct bill for you, you must sign our consent:


sharing your information

You will be required to sign our privacy and sharing of information consent:


accuracy of information and scope of practice

You will be required to sign our accuracy of information and scope of practice:


WCB claims 

We do not provide WCB claims as our province does not have a regulatory body for massage therapy, so it is not yet recognized without special  authorization from your WCB representative. 

MVA claims 

Initial assessment time is required if the claim has not been started by a chiropractor or physio therapist. Please inquire within prior to booking a MVA claim.