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Learn about our passionate practitioners, their certifications, and their unique approaches to wellness

Lise Head Shot

Lise Fortin RMT, HHPC

Lise is the owner of Luminescent Healing and chose the name to represent how we glow when we feel good and are in alignment with our ability to source joy from life. The firefly is one of many animals that are bioluminescent, meaning they produce their own light. We too produce light through chemical reactions on a molecular level with a frequency lower than visible light, but a subtle glow can be seen. Light is very appealing, mesmerizing, something that is a joy to watch or soothing be around, just like the dance of a firefly or the inviting and nurturing glow of a fire. Light has no bounds and neither does joy or love. 

Lise graduated in 2017 from Wholistic Health Training & Research Center with Level 3, 2200 Hour Massage Therapy Diploma. She is trained in sports, orthopedic, pregnancy, breast, abdomen, lymphatic drainage, and relaxation massage. She caries many certificates and is often engaging in continuing education to help serve her clients and create efficient treatment plans. She is currently studying a new course that allows for manual adjustments and osteo corrections within her scope of practice, because she continually has these issues on her table. Yes, very exciting advancements!

She practices pain and condition management with Traditional Chinese Medicine. She enhances your massage treatment with, or offers stand alone therapies of, acupressure, reflexology, tailored aromatherapy blending, and psychosomatic therapy. 

Lise also completed her Wholistic Practitioner Certificate to allow for more in depth training to better understand how to help her clients in a way that appreciates each influence when its comes to complete health and happiness: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. 

She cannot wait to meet you and get you glowing a little more than before!

Association with CRMTA, fully registered, insured, and licensed.