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Massage Therapy & Wholistic Wellness

Providing our community, Spruce Grove, Alberta, therapeutic massage and wholistic health treatments to support condition management and natural pain care


About Us 

 We offer clinical massage therapy with focused intent on addressing the area of complaint and its interrelated components while respectfully maintaining client relaxation, comfort, and modesty. Specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which assists the body and its many systems in a wholistic (as a whole) manner and helps to facilitate a state of complete health and happiness.

 We offer the best care! Convenient direct billing, complimentary intake interviews, loyalty and referral programs, and a lot of love, compassion, and appreciation to our valued clients.

Interrupting The pain cycle 


TMJ (Jaw)



Frozen Shoulder 

Upper and Lower Back 

Sciatica (hip) 

Planter Fasciitis (feet)

Soft tissues sprains and strains (wait 72 hrs after injury)

Nerve Pain or impingement (numbness/ tingling/pins and needle sensation) 

Piriformis Syndrome 

Burning Sensation

Restricted range of movement 






Lower Blood Pressure

Sleep Disorders








Chronic Illness 



Immune Function 


Acid Reflux 

Sinus Congestion 

Self purpose or spiritual realization


Reducing Stress

Our Philosphy

We believe the body can hold onto and harbor trauma, emotional anguish, and stress. In allowing total relaxation in a healing space, we are then able to engage the nurturing side of our nervous system and convince the muscles and soft tissues to let go of the tense state and allow for the correction of tone. The muscles talk with us and communicate their state and past tolerance to holding patterns and overuse. We slowly coax them into assuming their original resting state letting go of the tension, stress, and pain. Leaving you feeling like your body is lighter, your mind sharper, and your spirits lifted.

Our Values










Lise Fortin

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) & Wholistic Health Practitioner (CHHP)

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) & Wholistic Health Practitioner (CHHP)

Lise's Unique Offerings

  • Acupressure (needless acupuncture) 
  • Hand/Feet/Ear Reflexology
  • Psychosomatic Healing
  • Tailored Aromatherapy
  •  Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Stretching
  • Hot Stone Massage


Luminescent Healing
Based on 43 reviews
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Tammy PigeonTammy Pigeon
19:36 16 Jun 24
Very relaxing atmosphere! Lise is very sweet and professional. Most comfortable and relaxing massage I’ve ever had. Highly recommend!
Mackenzie BlackburnMackenzie Blackburn
04:12 14 May 24
Hands down the best massage experience in the area! Lise is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and intuitive. Highly recommend!
Kyle StefaniukKyle Stefaniuk
15:03 26 Apr 24
Always a great experience and feel so much better after a massage from Lise!
Sherelle MurraySherelle Murray
15:19 04 Apr 24
I went to Lise for reflexology and she was incredible. She was so full of knowledge and helped me navigate hard factors in my life. Her pressure was perfect, and I was at peace. My overall body felt much better after the session. 10/10!
Nicole WhitakerNicole Whitaker
02:30 11 Jan 24
Lise is wonderful! She helped me with some deep low back pain, gave me some stretching options to do at home, and is very in tune with how my muscles respond. I am very happy to have found her!
Jordana HostynJordana Hostyn
06:16 05 Dec 23
Excellent treatment with Lise! I have already rebooked. Atmosphere is cozy, treatment was relaxing & effective. I feel better than I have in a long time. Highly recommend.
Kate SeehagelKate Seehagel
00:12 02 Nov 23
Lise does wonders. Very professional and knows the autonomy of the body very well and with that she can relieve any tension or pain.
G LeeG Lee
22:04 31 Oct 23
Came in all knotted up and tired....left feeling 100 percent better! Lise really knows where to push and prod!
Jodi-Leigh DucharmeJodi-Leigh Ducharme
03:23 17 Oct 23
Extremely good. 10/10Caring, calm, relaxing, healing!! Listens to your needs and what your body requires!Goes above and beyond any other massage!!Will continue to come back. No other place compares!!!Thank you Lise 😊
Elisha FoxElisha Fox
15:17 06 Oct 23
Lise has such a beautiful souI, she is genuine and listens to your needs. I always leave feeling like my best self! I highly recommend seeing Lise.
Ian WoodIan Wood
00:43 04 Oct 23
I started going to Luminescent Healing about a month ago, and i probably wont go anywhere else now! I have had lots of massage therapy from many practitioners over the years, and in my opinion, Lise provides the best massage. I feel a million bucks when i leave. Thank you Lise!
Lisa MullinsLisa Mullins
03:54 20 Jun 23
Lise is a genuine soul who is able to deeply connect with her clients and their concerns. Her massages are so amazing they leave you feeling like you were just on a holiday away from all of lifes stresses. Thank you so much Lise!!
Glenn MadiganGlenn Madigan
18:40 13 Jun 23
Simone Madigan:Lise is so amazing and caring and knowledgeable . She is a gift to all of us and I highly recommend her for an extraordinary massage treatment.
Dolly RotzDolly Rotz
01:53 10 Jun 23
Lise is an absolute treasure. I have been struggling with my low back for years and she was able to give me more freedom of movement & drastically reduced the regular discomfort I’d become so accustomed to.Lise has a gentle spirit which warmly welcomes you and her healing energy is undeniable. Do yourself a favour and book a session immediately.
Michelle DouglasMichelle Douglas
16:16 17 May 23
I had a therapeutic pregnancy massage with Amanda the other day and was completely blown away ! This woman is magical ! I injured my back doing yard work a few days ago and she worked so hard to alleviate my pain.She consistently checked in with me to make sure I was comfortable and offered a calm relaxing environment. She is knowledgable about her craft and I could tell she genuinely cared. I will definitely return for another massage asap !! Thank you Amanda 🙂
Jason ToyeJason Toye
00:41 27 Feb 23
I have seen so many massage therapists in my years and Lise is now one of the best I have had. She is very tentative when areas are tender and or start to flair up. I highly recommend her.
Jeff SteevesJeff Steeves
16:56 31 Jan 23
Best massage I’ve had in a very long time. This is my go to massage therapist now. Lise is amazing and listens to your needs. She is also very professional and personable. You will not be disappointed. Every time I leave her practice I feel like a new person. I highly recommend!
Joe WrightJoe Wright
13:09 19 Jan 23
I've been bless by being introduced to Lise and Christine . I highly recommend these awesome ladies for a massage . they are very professional and caring . they do the up most to make you feel comfortable and relax during your massage therapy. They are charming to chat with and down to earth people . When ever I'm in need for a massage from now on this will be the place for me .
Kendra Lee-RankinKendra Lee-Rankin
15:51 10 Jan 23
I have been seeing Lise for awhile now and I can't say enough about her. She is AMAZING. She really helps working out the muscles in my back and explains better posture and why just a little bit of adjustment in the way I stand and sit will take some of the pressure off my spine so that my back doesn't hurt so much. Lise is a caring individual and always goes above and beyond for her clients.
Jolyn MurdochJolyn Murdoch
01:45 01 Nov 22
Christine is an amazing massage therapist. She makes you so comfortable. You can truly tell Christine is passionate about her work. She is excellent at applying the right amount of pressure and is thorough in every area. I always leave feeling better!
Reesa BeattieReesa Beattie
01:52 22 Oct 22
Christine is amazing! I followed her from another clinic and have referred many of my family members to her. I saw her weekly during the last half of my pregnancy which was a life saver! She is always learning new techniques and just truly wants to heal people.
Tara GoodfellowTara Goodfellow
21:26 20 Oct 22
Christine was recommended to me by a close friend due to a flare in my chronic back pain. I rarely trust anyone because people generally make it worse. I was suffering and starting to take meds to relieve it. So at my wits end, I booked with her. Now she is stuck with me. Recently had a pinched nerve in my shoulder and she fixed that too. I also trust her with my 10yo who played football. She kind companionate and empathic. We love her!
Michelle FortinMichelle Fortin
15:39 12 Oct 22
Lise was amazing! She is so intuitive with her massage she knows right where she is needed and what to do. I still can’t believe that she had me falling asleep on the table but she was working out my issues. Cause you can sure feel the results of her efforts the next day, highly recommended.
Deanna McRaeDeanna McRae
17:34 10 Sep 22
Christine Lashchuk is a highly trained professional, but most of all she's a healer. My husband and I both followed her from another massage clinic, along with many other clients. She is highly recommended.
Victoria Rurka-WoolseyVictoria Rurka-Woolsey
03:39 12 Jul 22
Lise is amazing!! I definitely wont be going to anyone else. She's extremely professional and makes you feel very comfortable. I have had a lot of massages but none have been as relaxing and thorough as hers are!
Clayton NelsonClayton Nelson
14:01 09 Jul 22
Christine is a very skilled therapist. I have had my mobility increased and pain eliminated in very short order. I am a regular client and have followed her for years. The energy in this location is sublime. I leave my session rejuvenated and completely relaxed. Her healing hands are a gift and I'm lucky to have found her. I'm reluctant to leave this recommendation because I don't want to compete for her bookings, but she's exceptional and I can't hide her from the world.
Wanda MacPheeWanda MacPhee
20:41 03 Jul 22
I had the great fortune of booking in with Lise at Luminescent Healing on my recent trip from BC to Spruce Grove.I can't say enough good things about her skill and ability to follow my muscle issues throughout the entire massage, she had me feeling loose and jelly like by the end of my appt.It has been a long while since I have had as much range of motion that I felt when I left that day.I know I will be back again to see Lise again! Thank you 😊
Terrie StadnykTerrie Stadnyk
20:43 25 Jun 22
If you are looking for a thorough massage by an experienced professional, look no further. Lise is a beautiful human being who cares that you have the best experience and that you leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. She has such a wonderful energy about her and it shines through in her work. I highly recommend it, you won't leave disappointed.

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